What's new here? Almost everything!  Read below...


ATTENTION: WE ARE NOW PROCESSING ORDERS AGAIN 8/10/2015.  Thank you for your patients as we had to make an emergency renovation to our office. 

(Note: normal processing time after cleared payment is 15 business days before shipment unless contacted regarding any changes in this schedule.)



1.   The new 2Store is now open! More items are being added as stock is built and ready for sale.

2.   We ditched the free phpBB bulletin and purchased the vBulletin forum as a replacement for our online support forum.  Please join in and add to our discussion.

3.   Since the second half of 2014, Henry from our sister site ReActiveMicro is now a part of our team.  We are excited to have him on board and will be launching 10 new products very soon under our new brand name, UltimateMicro....more on that below. 

4.   We have launched our new "brand" which is our signature brand of products.  This new name for our "brand" is called "UltimateMicro".  This new brand name is printed on any and all products that are developed and produced by both Anthony and Henry.  Exciting stuff!!!

5.   Outside of the new Apple2pi v6.5 which we are still working out some bugs, there are 10 new products under the new "UltimateMicro" brand that we are currently working on.  Not a typo..10!!!  Yes, busy is an understatement!

6.   Henry will post on the ReActiveUSA facebook page with project updates as time permits.

(updated 6-6-2015)




8Bitsystem news: 

8bitsystem products are now available in the 2store and we are now their exclusive reseller and only place to get their excellent products.  The LittlePower FLIP adapters, LittlePower 2C+ adapter, BusTap2, Double Seven, and LittleProto's are being made available.  Please click CATEGORY to see those products.



-The current "reactivemicro.com" site will remain as it is, however, it will not be opened again for sales.  It will no longer be a sales site, but will be a site for information and pictures of items only.  ANY and ALL items that we (both RM and UA2) have decided to bring to market will be launched and sold directly through the 2store here at UltimateApple2.com only.  As of 4-15-2015, all new released hardware from us will be branded as UltimateMicro. 

-Unfortunately, the VGA card project had three more beta runs and then was abandoned at this current time 01/01/2014. No further information is available.  If anything ever comes of it, it will be announced here as well as a2Central.