Apple2Pi rev# 4.4b

Thanks to everyone who has purchased at our early adopters price.  Our Apple2Pi cards are now available at their normal sale price of $69.99


Our EDD4+ cards are now built and will be available for sale soon once they pass our QC testing.  Please check back next week for the release of these are well.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

(updated 4-11-2014)


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Other news: 

8bitsystem products are now available in the 2store.  Please click CATEGORY to see those products.

ReactiveMicro products are now only sold through the 2store.  Please click CATEGORY to see those products. 



1. The current "" site will remain as it is, however, it will not be opened again for sales.  So, it will no longer be a sales site, but will be a site for information and pictures of items only.  ANY and ALL items that we (both RM and UA2) have decided to bring to market will be launched and sold directly through the 2store here at only.  This information is current as of February 15th 2014.

2. Unfortunately, the VGA card project had three more beta runs and then was abandoned at this current time 01/01/2014. No further information is available.  If anything ever comes of it, it will be announced here as well as a2Central.